Dar Elououn Eye Laser Center

Consultants from all over the world, possessing the latest Laser device among the centers all over the Sultanate Of Oman.

  • We offer our patients the highest quality health care possible
  • Offering quality services that exceed the expectations of patients in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • Keeping in pace with the latest technology in the field & treatment and answering patient safety.
  • Promising to keep the trust and confidence & information

Center Services

Dar El-Oyoun Eye Laser Center

Dar El-Oyoun Eye Laser Center, one of the best eye laser center since 2007 in Oman (Muscat - Buraimi). The technology we provide are the most modern one with accuracy and safety. Its seems to be perfect time to express sincere gratitude and thanks to whom ever supported for our growth and expecting to be so on. * Choose to see the world through grateful eyes. It well never look the same way again. * we assure you the new vision. Read More


Center Address

  • Bit Ibra, Al Salam Studio, 2nd Floor, Commercial Qurum, Bldg. No.5186, Road No.651 P.O.Box: 549, Postal Code:118 – Al-Harthy Complex – Sultanate of Oman Tel: +96824566618 - Fax: +96824571118،Buraimi Branch number: 25651535 , fax: 25651686
  • info@dareloyon.com
  • +0096824566618+0096824571118+0096825651535

Femto Laser device (Victus Technology) provides the following services

  • Cataract Surgery
  • Corneal Transplant (PKP)
  • ICL
  • Intra Corneal Rings
  • Refraction Surgery (Femto Lasik surgery)

Why Dar El-Oyoun Eye Laser Center

  • Consultants form all over the world
  • Has the latest laser device technology and techniques (Femto laser)
  • We are specialized in * Corneal Transplant * Retina Treatment * ICL * Treatment of Keratoconus (ICR) *Pterygium * Squint * Oculoplasty *Cataract (Femto Cataract) * Glaucoma * Probing * DCR *PTK *Entropion * Refractive Surgery (Femto Lasik)

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